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Artists in residence

This is a joint project with "l'abadis" society
We are aiming to create a meeting platform for artists. We are hoping to invent, through the arts, new ways of sharing c
ultures. The artists will work, during their stay, with the locals, colombian artists and the other artists in residence.
The focus is on meeting and sharing European and Colombian cultures.
It is of paramount importance that the workshops should include the locals in order to interact with them.

This will be the best way of sharing cultures and the artists themselves will start a closer relationship with the local culture that will in turn enrich their own work and will allow them to invent new educational methods around it.

Sharing culture - July and August 2012

Sumario :  Our project is to welcome to Barichara 2 professional artist from Limoges. Gilles Favreau who is musician and Adrien Ledoux who is an actor and a director. They will meet local artists, schoolchildren and professional actors and misicians to create a show where French and Columbian cultures will intermingle.
As French culture is very popular in Columbia, the artists have chosen to work on Molière and French popular songs to start with.
The success of this project will depend on the quality of this exchenge.
The confrontation of these populations to French culture and what they will in turn bring themselves is what we want to focus on.
It will lead to a new culture that will be the basis of ARTEPOLIS.

The project in more detail :

- From 10th July to 8th August,

The director Adrien Ledoux is to bring Molière to the public through a short comedy which takes the shape of a ballet , on the theme of forced marriage. He will be working with local actors. Seventeenth century French arrived in Columbia with the colonial culture of that time and still has a certain prestige. The musical side of the comedy will be the fruit of research led by the composer Gilles Favreau.

The universality of Molière's work, and the situations it describes, will be an ideal vector for the meeting of cultures.
For the local people, rediscovering their links with the old continent will be a way of looking at European culture through that of Columbia.
This meeting will also lead to a "melting-pot" of different working methods and different artistic strategies.
The musical arrangements will, of course, be inspired by orchestration used by Columbian music groups, while acting and theatrical techniques will be adapted to the spectator .This rich and profound exchange is to find its expression in the creation of a unique work, drawing on the cultures of both partners and born from the desire to work together and share an artistic creation.

- From 23rd July to 30th August,

The composer Gilles Favreau is to come and work in Columbia, in order to meet the people and the artists. Two workshops of choral singing are to be set up: one for adults, the other for children. This work will lead to a musical which is to be performed in Bachara, with further performances, we hope, in San Gil and Bucaramanga. These workshops will be strengthened by a close working relationship between the French artist and Columbian musicians. They will work together to build up a common repertoire, drawing on French melodies and traditional Columbian music, as well as all the means of artistic expression they will have explored together, each having been influenced by the input of the others, the place itself and the suggestions of local people.

Artepolis will back this first project by setting it up, which is the reason why the association was founded. Thanks to its involvement with the village from the very beginning of the work, it will help local people and artists to come together. It will see to the boarding of all those involved and will be responsible for giving wide publicity to the event, both locally and on the Internet, thus helping to make Barichara known for its energy and its firm wish to create an enterprising, modern and artistic future for the good of all.

The workshops will be free of charge and limited only by the number of places available, so that as many local people as possible can take part in the project, whether as actors or spectators. It is our hope that the scope of this experience will appeal to a great number of Columbian artists.